Dalhousie University Introducing a Fall Break?!



This article talks about a Dalhousie student who recently submitted a proposal to promote a study break at the middle of the Fall semester. This student stated that if we keep classes running for an extra day before Christmas break, along with two other days around University closures throughout the year, the school could afford to provide a week break for students. 

I think this is a great idea. By the time November comes around, many students are run down while having homework and deadlines up to their eyeballs. Not to mention that this time of the semester is typically the time for everyone’s favorite thing……. mid-term exams!!!!! I think it is important for students to have a week just to take a breather and relax. University can be a stressful place, especially mid-semester. 

During the Winter semester, we get a break after about a month and a half of school. After speaking to many students after our break this year, all of them were grateful to have a full week off. I thought it was interesting that not one person actually used that week to study. It was mostly a time for students to recuperate and spend time doing other things. 

People may argue that a break in November is not a good idea as students do not use this time to study. This is true. Many students choose to do other things over their break than study. I did not touch my books over the break in February. Even though it is called a “Study Break”, many students take this time to relax and rest up.  

Being able to relax and de-stress is crucial for success in University.



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