Have Millennials Lost the Ability to Speak?

In this blog, I will talk about my thoughts on how the major advancements of technology are affecting the Millennials (also known as Generation Y). For those of you who do not what who Millennials are, they are a demographic group that start in the adolescent ages and go to around 30 years of age. 

In this three minute video created by BBC, people elaborate on how technology has changed the way that this age group communicates with others. Many believe that we have lost the ability to speak. I say we because I myself am also part of this demographic. However, when it is said that we have lost the ability to speak, it means that technology has grown so much that many people choose to use the internet to communicate with others (e-mail, social media, texting, etc.) rather than face to face communication. Many people of older generations believe that we rely too much on technology 

When I am faced with an issue, I am never biased and I make my decisions based on what I have learned by looking at both sides of the argument. 

Pros to Technology for Communication:
– faster and more convenient
– the business world is huge with technology
– ability to share more in a shorter period of time
– always changing, always improving

Cons to Technology for Communication:
– issues with public speaking
– job interviews that are face to face many become an issue for some
– anxiousness to interact face to face with others

Personally, I have not lost the ability to speak. My job involves a huge amount of customer service so I associate with multiple strangers every time I work so I am very comfortable speaking in all situations. However, I do see where others are coming from and I think it is important that we learn the communicate in all ways. As we get older and start our lives, we will be faced with situations where we will need to have the proper speaking skills. But at the same time, technology will be even more advanced so we will still need to know how to effective use it for communication purposes.

I feel as if the people who believe that we cannot interact the same anymore, are just not used to the fact that so much has changed since they were our age. Older generations did not have nearly as much technology as we do now. It is only going to keep growing so I think it’s time for them to accept it. I have yet to see a situation where someone in my demographic had any difficulty communicating with others. We went to school for years where we had to do presentations, meet new classmates and participate in activities. Going to school is all about human interaction. Just because we use technology a lot, does not mean that we are unable to communicate face to face. 


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